"Dear John, Just a wee note to say how delighted I am with the pipes: they are blowing true now (the reeds clearly didn't like being in the hold of the plane), and I love the tone of the chanter. I spent a day this week playing with two friends who play loud Border pipes, and the set is well able to hold its own against 2 Border pipes, without being overpowering as a solo instrument. We also played tunes with high whistle, 1 Border pipe and my smallpipes, and it sounded great! I love the look of them too, and my friends were very impressed indeed by the high standard of your work. (I thought they were going to have to be surgically removed from my friend's grasp, at one point.) You are a great craftsman, sir, and I'm proud to own this lovely set. it will get a lot of playing!"

- (Recent quote from a customer who purchased a set of smallipes in A)

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